• Reverse Raffle Fundraiser 2017

    Reverse Raffle Fundraiser 2017
  • Ready For a New
    Best Friend?

    Strayhaven Animal Shelter has many pets waiting for a new home.
    Which one is the best fit for you?
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1. Find Your Pet

Look through the list of Strayhaven pets and find the best fit for you.

Pet List

2. Apply For Your Pet

Before you get approved for your pet's adoption, you must fill out the Adoption Form.

Adoption Form

3. Love Your Pet

Once your adoption is approved, the next step is the easiest of all - love your new pet!

What Our Pet Owners Say

  • Adopting from Strayhaven was a life-changing experience. We told the staff the type of animal that would work best with our family, and they chose a cat with the perfect personality for us.Tina was exactly who we were looking for! imagePuzzle, aka, TinaFormer Strayhaven Resident
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